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How to Take Advantage of Your RMP Bank Consultant!

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RMP’s experienced and professional Bank Consultants are here for your bank. With them your bank has a much better chance of being successful on our Accounts Receivable Program. They will do most of the work and show you what you need to do with minimal effort.

Obviously, one of the most important goals is to get off to a good start.  Our best recommendation to achieve quick success in your bank is to schedule a QuickSTART meeting with your commercial loan officer team. It allows RMP to fully explain the Program to your team and answer their questions. Additionally, we explain what a prospect looks like and what to say to generate interest. Something like this: Mr. Prospect, the bank has a great program specifically designed to help growing companies. It increases cash flow by funding receivables on an ongoing basis, similar to a credit card program. Can we set up a time for you come into the bank to see if you are interested?”  Or, set up a future appointment at the business owner’s location.

The QuickSTART meeting is a Power Point presentation lasting less than an hour.  We give each member of your lending team a hard copy of our QuickSTART manual in addition to digital copies.  And, we provide your bank with our custom tri-fold bank brochures, all at no cost!

Our consultant will come to your bank and fully explain the program to your customer or prospect. In this way, your team does not have to spend a lot of their valuable time learning a new product. RMP will also gather all of the necessary documents to present a proposal to ultimately gain approval. Our goal is to make offering our Program as simple and seamless as possible for your bank. In return, the bank establishes an ongoing revenue stream of referral fee income. All at no risk or cost to your bank!

RMP’s professional Bank Consultants know how to talk to your customers and prospects to identify their growth opportunities, solve cash flow problems and increase profits.

When your bank has to say “No,” Accounts Receivable Funding is an optional way to say “Yes.”  As most bankers say: “It’s another arrow in our quiver that we have to have in this economic environment.”

Give us a call to see how RMP’s Community Bank Program can work for your bank.


Chuck Stover, Manager of Bank Relations


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