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ConExpo 2014

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bob-beattieEvery 3 years in Las Vegas, the construction industry has a massive event. I can’t believe this year I will be working a booth promoting RMP Capital. Our RMS division provides money to GC’s and subcontractors working on publically funded projects.

Opportunities have also found their way in these unique recovery times. Our RMS group has been sought out by outside investors looking to use our program to help grow their money. This new expanding collaboration has proven very beneficial to all parties. This Stewardship is an honor we take very seriously!


The RMS (Resource Monitoring Services) Program is built around the notion that all job funds “Stay in the job!”: the client does not handle the job funds. We gather job cost budgets, create funds availability by purchasing job invoices, and enhance vendor relationships paying for materials/payroll/shipping/storage/etc. from available funds. The client provides backup (invoices/ delivery slips) and acknowledges every disbursement throughout the life of the project. Inspection frequency is determined at the beginning of the job to keep a watchful eye on progress/ quality and job harmony. Collecting lien releases/ reviewing contracts/ watching insurance compliance/ enforcing signed Change orders prior to execution/ ensuring certified payroll compliance/ confirming payroll taxes are paid/ and monitoring legal and IRS Flags that may hinder job completion, are just some of the tasks required for funds control.

  • Do you work with subcontractors who are top journeymen but lack confidence in their back office skills?
  • As a subcontractor- do you need bonding and don’t know how to qualify?
  • As a GC – are you tired of sharing your bonding capacity with subs? Let us help them learn how to qualify and keep them inline during the process.
  • Are you requiring joint checks? Having a 3rd party pay the bills and collect the lien releases could eliminate this headache.

If you find yourself at the ConExpo this year and want more information about our RMS program, please find me at booth 65027 in the South Hall.

Bob Beattie, RMS Division Director


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