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Well it looks like things are really picking up for the new year…we are seeing quite a bit of business in the Contractor Market….my company (RMP Capital) specializes in providing factoring services to Contractors working on any kind of public works project….I don’t know yet if we are seeing the increase due to the “Obama Stimulus Package” or because there are fewer factoring companies providing financing to this business segment…any way you slice it….business for us is picking up…and that’s great…I knew that 2010 was going to be a better year for us…I know that it’s too early to tell but so far I’ll stay very optimistic….after all I’m in sales….by the way RMP is able to service these clients by using our own “funds control program” …(we call it Resource Monitoring Services or “RMS”)….all funds advanced on a project go through RMS in order to pay for all services relating to the project….RMS makes sure that when the project is completed there are no unpaid bills due and insures that all potential lien rights are satisfied…we only work with construction companies working on public projects but I think that there is enough activity out there to keep us busy for the foreseeable future…I keep you up to date as the year progresses….stay tuned…on another note I can’t believe that I actually completed another blog entry (that’s two in a row)….I promised you an entry every two weeks so I only have twenty four more to go to complete my goal for this year….so far it’s been fun…we’ll see how it goes…in the meantime…as always….I welcome your thoughts comments and ideas…JIM

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