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I recently returned from a client meeting in South Philly. In reflection, the term Pride sticks out in my meeting notes.

Here I am; the Boston boy traveling with my Texas Operations Manager to visit our South Philly client. The office tour and meet and greet with the owner, her operations manager, and her bookkeeper (all women) went well and turned out to be very informative and eye opening as to the process of obtaining new work and how the competitive edge has to be continually monitored in such a turbulent economy.

After our meeting concluded, the group relocated to a hidden gem inside a South Philly neighborhood. Stogie Joe’s Passyunk Tavern (1801 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148-2127- This place had a family feel with local bar flavor… The menu was as outstanding as the service… no bad choices on this menu and well worth fighting for the parking spot!!!)

I didn’t mind being out numbered at the table 4 to 1 by this high octane Estrogen group (owner, book keeper, operations manager and accounts receivable exec.). Our client, owner/operator of a concrete installation company, sums up her most important distinguishing trait? – Customer Service- every request is treated with the same importance no matter how small… Quality has to closely follow… no rework means happy clients and more opportunities. This has entrenched her company in a very selective position to participate in Penn DOT’s renovation plans throughout Philadelphia.

Our RMS National Construction Program factors invoices for projects by GC’s and sub-contractors working on publically funded projects. Federal, State or Municipality projects all would qualify for our unique program.

The Pride around this table was obvious throughout our visit, comparing distinctions between Texas, Boston and South Philly turned into a lot of stories and group bonding. My South Philly meeting is a great example of how our RMS Program works and how fortunate I am to be associated with such a quality group of proud professionals.

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