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Puzzles and Projects

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Construction projects consist of very specific puzzle pieces
all required to complete the intended picture.

Is one piece more important than another? Guess it
depends on who you ask…

The boarder pieces that represent the Estimate/Bid are
the easiest to identify and review as we sort thru the pile. Hopefully history
helped to identify hidden pitfalls …. Areas such as labor/engineering processes
and materials were adjusted to compensate.


My daughter likes to make a pile of all the pieces of
the sky next. It is very important to have a clear understanding of insurance
requirements and limits in line with all the bid specs. Ensuring coverage dates
fall well past job requirements, eliminating questions and potential interruptions
to the milestones if access to the project is refused because coverage dates
have expired.


Next are all the pieces of the structure…. Funny how
communication seems to make these pieces combine so easily.

Finally all the other pieces that tie the rest of the
picture together. These are the essential elements of participation on the job
site. I have been on hundreds of sites and those projects where Supervisors
were detached; where clerical duties held him captive in the trailer…. Job
harmony suffered. This harmony is critical to achieve all milestones, and
overcome unforeseen conditions.  Seeing
and understanding conflicts with real-time resolutions can save tens to
hundreds of hours of rework.

Identifying safety issues before the need to fill out
accident reports can save not only lost time but thousands of dollars in fines
and claims.

Active site presence also re-affirms those assurances
that quality, harmony, and professionalism are displayed and demanded to ensure
all milestones and deadlines are achieved.

Once the puzzle is completed and you are able to
proudly enjoy the fruits of your labor; however…. your task is far from

Now it is time to assess the project.

–         During the estimate- what should have been included, how did the overall numbers pan out?

–         Any insurance issues? Did the policy dates track the project? Were the limits correct for all
the change notices? Any issues with the bond; were change orders priced to
include the bond premium increases?


Did we have any issues with other trades or vendors?

Would we consider using the same crew or subs on the
next project?

What were the contributing factors for why we missed
milestones or deadlines?

What could/would we do differently?

Could setbacks have been avoided with pre-planning;
using different engineering methods; or re-evaluating job site logistics?

Congratulations on your completed puzzle. Hope your
participation brought you hours of enjoyment and satisfaction. Please use care
as you return the pieces back into the box; the next owner is relying on you to
identify every puzzle piece to ensure quality promised; as you enter into your
next unique construction project!

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