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Slow Summer? Not This Year!

Posted by in Contractor Factoring, General Information, Rediscounting Programs, Transportation Factoring

As summer 2011 kicks off, I’m encouraged by what I see.  While some people write-off summer as a slow period for business, I’ve seen the exact opposite.  Every day I review prospective clients seeking funding and from what I’ve seen it’s evident that the economy is looking better.  People seem to be doing more than they did last year; whether it’s making more things, building more things, or providing more services. Many Prospective Clients are leaving their traditional funding and seeking an alternative.  At RMP Capital, we take great pride in taking the time to understand our Client’s business and in providing funding which is secure and able to grow with our Clients as their business expands.

Our emphasis on training and development is influential in our ability to service our Clients.  In July, my colleague, Gail Winther, and I will be attending the International Factoring Association’s Credit and Collections Training Course.  With an esteemed instructor base, we hope to learn and refresh on concepts to better service our Clients.  Credit and Collections is something which is ever changing.  Our Clients have found that relying on RMP Capital to provide best-in-class service with Credit and Collections allows them to grow their business by focusing on getting the next sale and, ultimately, making more things, building more things, or providing more services.  From Rediscounting lines of credit for factors, to participations, to public works contractors, trucking, and manufacturing/industrial, RMP Capital is truly a full-service factor.  Call us today to find out how we can help you and have a great summer!

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