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Springtime at RMP

Posted by in Contractor Factoring, General Information, Rediscounting Programs

Well Springtime is here and New Business looks good going into the 2nd Quarter of 2012….the weather here in the Northeast was unbelievable….the average temperatures were well above freezing and we hardly had any snow….I feel that the good weather helped our salespeople to get around the country more easily to keep the referrals coming in.

Donald and I attended the IFA Conference in Costa Rica at the end of January…it was an opportunity for us to visit with many of the leaders in the factoring community….all of the people that we visited with felt that business was good and looked forward to another successful year.

Next Month we are off to the IFA Annual Convention in Huntington Beach, CA….RMP will have a booth at the Convention….we will be offering a number of services to the Factoring Community….our “Contractors Working on Public Works Projects” program along with our “Rediscount Lines of Credit for Small Factors” program are always well received….we always come away from the event with a number of new leads that ultimately turn into new business for RMP.

This year we will be introducing our new “P.O. Financing Program” under the name of “RMP Trade Credit”….we believe this new product will enhance our “Rediscounting Program” and help other factors in need of P.O. Financing for their clients.

Once again RMP Capital Corp will be hosting the Opening Reception Cocktail Party at the IFA Convention….hosting this event is our way of supporting our factoring organization and at the same time thanking our referral sources for their support for the past few years….the event is also an excellent opportunity for our Sales and Management team to meet new people in the factoring industry…I hope that you all get a chance to make the trip to Huntington Beach this year…if you do…I’m sure that you will happy that you did….we’ll buy you a drink at the Opening Reception Cocktail Party …and don’t forget to stop by our booth to learn more about our Funding Programs.

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