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Difficult financial times as we are currently experiencing, often can create opportunities, if you look for them. Tough times usually weeds out much of the competition, giving the survivors more opportunity to secure what business there is. The other factor (no pun intended) is that conventional or bank financing is more and more difficult to find, or the availability often isn’t enough to properly help the business. Factoring can, and quite often is, a very viable alternative for short term relief and in some cases long term growth for the business. The Broker/Consultant Community can be the salvation by being creative and seeking good factoring relationships for their clients that are in need of financial help. Steering clients to your traditional bank sources often is an effort in futility resulting in frustration for all involved and resulting in no fees for the Broker/Consultant.

RMP Capital has always relied on referral business from their Broker/Consultant relationships as well as other lenders. We’ve nurtured and enjoyed these relationships over the years and in times like this even more so, as the sources of funding are scarce. Good service and longevity with our clients has made for good business and revenues for everyone. Since we offer funding of AR or Factoring programs for all industries such as service providers, manufacturers, distributors, transportation and contractors working on government funded projects, we are a one stop source.

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