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Tighten Your Belts

Posted by in Contractor Factoring

Construction Contractors working on public sector projects are continuing to have their margins strained in order to be both competitive in the marketplace as well to absorb the dramatic increases in their costs, particularly fuel and building materials. As a factor specializing in working with contractors in this area, RMP Capital is the ideal partner to make sure that contracts are thoroughly reviewed before signing and project estimates are accurately prepared through our Initial Plan Review Program. RMP makes sure that all project accounting captures costs properly, accurately, and our timely advance of funds from purchased periodically billed pay applications that pay job costs through our Resource Monitoring Services Program. We do this in order for the contractor to cover payroll and negotiate prompt-pay discounts, while achieving significant project cost savings. The value added by all of the services provided by RMP Capital provide the capitalization, margin of success, and the edge contractors need to prevail in today’s construction market.

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