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Which way would you like to go?!@#!

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World of Concrete 2012, Las Vegas …. The January destination for my continuing education and first hand sorting through the latest tools, concepts and materials for the concrete industry.

Usually for most of my conferences a cab tends to be my mode of transportation. For this particular trip I found myself baffled by one reoccurring theme:  After exchanging pleasantries and stating the destination, like reading from a script “I” had a decision to make!?!… “Which way would you like to go???!?” AMAZING… now I could list my sarcastic comebacks, but this blog would be way too long… so let’s instead look as the Project Manager kicks in…

“The most efficient and cost effective route to my destination please…”

Isn’t that implied? Well in averaging all the cab rides on this trip, I’d say this first S.O.B. cost me an extra ten bucks for this new “catch phrase”!! Now to be fair, I was on guard during the rest of my visit, but 8 out of 10 cabbies asked me the same damn question.

Why does this matter? Everyone entering a construction project should have a clear plan on the execution of that contract.  By winning the bid, you are considered the “expert “on executing all required steps and procedures within that contract. I shouldn’t have to pick your route… that should be a given, and adjusting that route due to unforeseen conditions, also required you to participate in the discussion, but ultimately require you to decide the path to completion.

My RMS group factors sub-contractors working on government construction projects. Our clients control their own destiny as they make their way to final closeout; we support the process with the financial power to help them become successful. Do I get asked “which way would you like us to go?”…. Sometimes, but my perspective is based on budgets, timelines and milestones. Ultimately our client’s success falls on how efficient and cost effective their path was during their contract journey.

Is the GC going to comment if your path wasn’t the most efficient? Damn right, especially if it looks like the meter is going to cost him more than he expected to pay. Watch the schedule, be efficient with your planning and anticipate hazards and please try and avoid asking “which way would you like me to go?  …. You tell them the route and assure them to sit back and enjoy the view ..… you got this!”

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