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Recap of Independent Finance & Factoring Roundtable

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RMP Capital is back from the CFA’s Independent Finance & Factoring Roundtable (IFFR) that was held in Chicago this year. The conference was well attended by industry leaders, and the thought leadership present contributed to the outstanding content over the course of two days. Didn’t make it to this year’s event?

Recap of Independent Finance and Factoring RoundtableSee below for a recap and major takeaways:

Competition in the marketplace

The factoring market continues to be competitive, especially as the US Small Business Administration (SBA) financing programs open up.

Data mining

Big data provides great opportunities for businesses within the factoring marketing, including sales, credit and operations. However, it’s important to have a vehicle to leverage its power.

Growth in merchant cash advance

Merchant cash advance is experiencing strong growth. This type of “fast cash” can be an excellent supplemental resource to factors – as long as the parties acknowledge each other’s purpose and presence.

Industry regulation

Regulation of the factoring industry appears to not be threatening right now; however, the risk of “unintended consequences” remains.

State of the industry

The factoring industry continues to be filled with quality companies focused on providing an indispensable service to small businesses nationwide.

A special thanks to all who attended the opening cocktail reception on Wednesday evening. It was wonderful to see you! For more information on RMP Capital, visit our website or dial (631) 738-0047. Looking for more tips? Connect with RMP Capital on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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