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In my last blog entry I mentioned that Donald Barrick, President of RMP Capital and I had an opportunity to meet with George W. Bush at the CFA Annual Convention in Chicago.  We also had an opportunity to take a picture with him, .it was a real treat and I thought that you would get a kick out of seeing the pictures.  As you may know George “W’ has just written a book about his years in the White House called “Decision Points”, during the convention he talked about some of the chapters in his book.  He was very candid and entertaining and I know that I will always cherish our meeting and photo opportunity.  I had two other pictures in my office with past presidents Clinton and Reagan.  Unfortunately for me they were both cardboard posters and I was standing next to the cardboard with my arm around the poster, so I will just get rid of those two and hang my new authentic picture in my office.  I think that I’ll put it on a prominent wall so that visitors will have to notice the picture when they come into my office.  Hey it’s the little things in life that give us joy.  So until next time, I welcome your thoughts, comments and ideas.

James L. DiCamillo, Executive Vice President

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