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3 Ways Factoring Can Help Your Business

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RMP Capital offers factoring solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Our factoring programs allow businesses to unfreeze assets, instead using them to grow. Here are a few ways factoring can help your business:

Meet payroll obligations

It’s of utmost importance that you keep up with payroll – your employees depend on their paychecks! Unfortunately, delayed invoices and other issues can prevent you from accessing the funds you need. This is especially true for small and medium sized companies. The good news is that through payroll factoring, you can pay your staff in a timely manner.

Pay vendors on time

Distribution companies usually work under the same model: They buy goods from a vendor and resell them at a marked up price to their clients. However, small businesses that haven’t yet established good credit are sometimes expected to prepay for these goods. If you’re a distributor, factoring can help your business by providing you with the cash you need to pay vendors in a timely matter.

Have cash to grow your business

Business man drawing  graphYou can wish and dream about the future of your business all you want; without extra cash, those aspirations may never come to fruition. You need reliable cash flow – which can be achieved through invoice factoring – to give your company a concrete plan for success.

Factoring can help your business in a number of ways. At RMP Capital, we make funding your business easier! Dial (631) 738-0047 to speak with a representative.

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