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As Summer Closes

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Labor Day is upon us and that means summer is coming to a close and attention shifts back to “business at hand”. Historically, whether it is a strong or weak economy, this is a time of year that people and businesses start re-focusing and pushing forward to ending the year with a flurry of activity. This phenomenon or mindset opens the door to opportunity for those of us that are prepared. Although the news from Wall Street is shaky, at best, there are many businesses looking to move forward and discard the pent-up “wait and see” attitude. With banks still holding firm to their conservative posture, other funding sources make for a desirable alternative, such as factoring, as it is easier to qualify for and a safe vehicle to fund growth and provide cash flow, without incurring debt. The business is merely converting a frozen asset, accounts receivable, into cash which self-liquidates as the debtor pays its invoice.

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