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back to work

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My last blog entry a few weeks ago mentioned that it was difficult to get people on the phone and to complete transactions and how everyone seems to be putting things off as the summer was waning and Labor Day was approaching.  This week, with the kids back at school and with the holiday behind us, things are very busy once again.  I didn’t believe the hype, but there seems to be some truth to it as I have had several conversations with prospects today with three of them requesting factoring and rediscounting facilities in excess of $2MM (that’s a nice size for RMP Capital).  We also funded a Re-discount Line of Credit for a new client in the amount of $3MM.  It really feels like things are picking up and maybe I made the right move about promising to be at my desk on Monday September 13.  Rest assured, I will be staying at my desk until we close another transaction!

So until then, as always, I welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas.

James L. DiCamillo, Executive Vice President

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