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Benefits of Using Social Media to Build a Brand | Part 2

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In our last post, we discussed some statistics of social media marketing, and made it clear that it’s crucial to build your brand online. To those who are new to the social media scene, don’t fear!

Benefits of Using Social Media to Build a Brand | Part 2Below are some frequently asked questions about social media:

Does my business have to be available on every social media site?

No way! The key to success on social media is to find the networks that matter for your business, and to have a solid presence on those. You also want to be on the social media sites that your consumers are on. For example, a finance factoring company like RMP Capital may not benefit as much from being on Pinterest or Instagram — both image-heavy networks — as would a retail store or restaurant.

How can I measure return-on-investment on social media?

Since there isn’t a lot of hard data, it can be hard to measure ROI on social media. Hootsuite, a social relationship platform, says that the best way to measure it is to connect it to your business goals. “It’s important for social data to be relevant to stakeholders within your organization, not just social media practitioners. Tying social media to the big picture by linking it to organizational and departmental goals will help you achieve that,” the company advises. To us, social media isn’t about ROI — it’s about a company’s reputation and bottom line (although these can influence consumers to choose your brand).

What’s the difference between a Facebook profile and a business page?

A Facebook profile should only be used for personal social networking and represent an individual person, while a Facebook business page should be an accurate representation of your business as whole. Think of a business page as your storefront on Facebook.

Do reviews matter on social media sites?

Absolutely. They impact your brand’s reputation, which influences purchasing behaviors. According to a recent study, a large percentage of consumers have been found to not only read online reviews for local businesses, but trust them just as much as personal recommendations. It’s important to pay attention and respond to both positive and negative reviews in a timely manner.

What types of posts perform best on social media?

It really depends on which platform you’re dealing with. Generally, visual content warrants for higher engagement among consumers. Think videos, photos, and infographics. However, if your business is data-driven, such as a finance factoring company like ours, blogs with authentic content and relevant information keep customers interested and informed.

How exactly can you build your brand on social media? Find out in part 3 of “Benefits of Using Social Media to Build a Brand.” Stay tuned!

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