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Benefits of Using Social Media to Build a Brand | Part 4

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In our first post of this series, we asked if social media can replace face-to-face communication. The obvious answer is no. But it’s not even really a contest. In fact, having a social media presence for your business facilitates face-to-face interaction with potential clients. Keep reading to find out how:

Benefits of Using (4)

  • Through narrowed targeting and much accessibility on the end of consumers, social media allows your business to expand its reach. This helps to generate more leads. If these leads are followed up on, your company has the chance to increase its client base exponentially.
  • By posting authentic, relevant content — and extras like positive client testimonials — your business will build trust with potential customers and referrals. From there, your salespeople can get out into the field and “press the flesh.”
  • You can form relationships with social media users by responding to reviews, likes, and comments. By visiting potential customers, you will nurture those relationships. Social media posts mixed with face-to-face communication is a recipe for success. Use your team’s strengths to build and solidify relationships.
  • Millennials are very adept to social media marketing. They’ve grown up with it and probably use it in their everyday lives. Some have even created new social networks! Utilize this young talent to help develop and implement a social media strategy for your business. The veterans of the company can then use their experience to follow up in person with potential clients.

As you can see, social media is a must for your business. Electing to be off the social scene is a disservice to the success and growth of your company. Always keep in mind, however, that social media marketing and face-to-face interactions with clients are not interchangeable. People still need to be out in the field — especially in our industry! If you’re going to compete in today’s digital world, maintaining a balance is the key to success.

To conclude this four-part blog series, we’d like share that we got involved with social media five years ago, because we quickly realized that being absent across the social web could negatively affect a company’s reputation and bottom line. For RMP Capital, social media has never been about making money. Rather, it’s about keeping our business conspicuous, consistent, and cognizant.

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