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Email Marketing: Who Actually Reads This Stuff?

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Every time you open your email inbox, chances are it’s going to be there. That is, an email sent to you by a company trying to promote their business, sell you something, or provide you with extra information. We all get them, sometimes in such a mass quantity that you can’t hit the delete button quick enough! But, even with the delete percentage being higher than it actually being opened, Email Marketing has become a staple of American business. Why, because of the ease and low cost of getting the word out to current or potential new customers.

My question, who actually reads this stuff? Since being put in charge of RMP Capital’s Email Marketing efforts for the last six months, I’ve had the advantage of being able to track the statistics on the emails that go out. And yes, companies track the statistics of their email marketing. So much so that companies know: how many people opened it, what individual email address opened it, what links you clicked on, and what time of day you opened it.

So, what can you expect when you hit the send button to that ever expansive email contact list? Statistically, from my experience, 80% of the people will delete the email before it’s even opened! 96% of people who actually opened it won’t interact with the email. That is, click on a link in the email because their interested in what their reading.

Sounds pretty bad, right? Wrong, flip the percentages around that I mentioned earlier and we’ll use a contact list of 10,000 for an example. We just got our name in front of 2,000 (20% of 10,000) people and 80 (4% of 2,000) of those people were interested enough to interact with what we sent them.  Not bad a marketing tool to reach potential business that only takes a matter of minutes to send.

Who actually reads this stuff? Actually, a pretty consistent audience, based on my statistical averages of the past six months. You just have to play the numbers game and keep the information being sent out interesting enough for people to read and ultimately remember your company for potential future business.


Eric Grozenski, Assistant Vice President

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