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Factoring FAQs

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Invoice factoring can seem like a complicated process. However, we at RMP Capital strive to make factoring easy-to-understand and even easier to get started!

Factoring FAQsTo help you become more familiar with what we do, we’ve compiled the following list of factoring FAQs (frequently asked questions):

1. What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring is the discounted purchase of an invoice in exchange for fast funds.

2. How can invoice factoring benefit my business?

There are many benefits of invoice factoring for small to medium sized businesses. It can help you meet payroll obligations, pay vendors on time, and have cash to grow your business.

3. Where do I begin?

Getting started with invoice factoring is easy. Contact RMP Capital at (631) 738-0047 or click here to begin. After we receive your application, we’ll review and be in touch shortly. If you quality, we’ll issue a proposal with all terms and conditions of our program.

4. What’s the process like?

Invoices will be submitted to RMP Capital for review and verification. A representative from RMP Capital will contact your customer to verify the amount owed. If a problem arises, we’ll contact you so that you can resolve the issue. Once an invoice has been verified, we will approve the invoice purchase and pay you.

5. What industries can benefit from factoring?

RMP Capital works with most industries with a business-to-business commercial invoice. However, RMP Capital does not factor in the medical industry when insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid are involved.

To read more factoring FAQs, visit RMP Capital’s website. You can also connect with us across social media — Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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