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Making the Fall Rounds

Posted by in General Information, Rediscounting Programs

Can’t believe that the summer is almost over and the kids are back to school… June and July were great for business and we were looking forward to continuing our robust new business activity into August…unfortunately for us it just never happened…it seemed like we just couldn’t get anything funded…it wasn’t just the normal vacation problems… it seemed bigger than that to me…the economy was in a real funk…there was just too much negativity in the markets and I believe that too many small business owners didn’t know what to do…so they did nothing…I’m expecting an increase of activity to begin shortly (or maybe it’s just positive thinking).

I know that I’ll be busy the next few months meeting with my colleagues in the finance community…In September I’m off to Washington , D.C. for the Commercial Finance Association’s  Advocacy Conference, were they will be addressing the Legislative, Regulatory and Legal issues facing our Industry…in October I will be attending the International Factoring Association’s  Small Factors WorkshopRMP Capital will be sponsoring the formal dinner on Thursday night for the principals/ owners of about  40 small Factoring companies with businesses located throughout the United States…this will be the fourth year that RMP is sponsoring this event and offering our Rediscount Line of Credit Program for growing factors… it is a well-attended workshop and it gives me a real close and upfront perspective on what is happening financially within the small businesses community…in early November the Commercial Finance Association will be holding their 67th Annual Convention here in New York City at the Marriott Marquis which is located in the heart of the theater district…I’m on the Executive Committee of the CFA and RMP Capital will be once again sponsoring the Key Card that will be given to all hotel guests upon registration…this Convention promises to be one of the best attended events of the past few years…it’s a great place to meet the movers and shakers of the finance community…and in what better place than in the “Big Apple”

So before we all know it December will be here and we will be closing out the year … RMP Capital will have definitely increased our Net Funds Employed for 2011 and we will all be looking forward to a profitable 2012…I’ll keep in touch and let you all know what happens…in the meantime I welcome your thoughts …comments …and ideas

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