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RMP to D.C.

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I can’t believe that we have just completed the first Quarter of 2011. The weather here in the Northeast has been just horrible but our business continued to grow. Last week I attended the CFA’s Senior Leadership Summit in Sunny Florida. I had a chance to discuss the state of our Industry with many CEO’s that run Banks and Alternative Funding Companies. All were very optimistic about the future of the economy, business is brisk and they all are doing more business. One thing that is happening in our market is that there seems to be more and more money available.  We are moving back to the days of more competition for the number of potential transactions seeking funding. This is good for the client but it does make it difficult to bring on new clients and we’ve been here before. It just means that we have to get closer to our potential clients and provide a superior level of service in order to compete, which is also good for the client as well as the economy. Small companies need to get back to doing business and begin to employ more people. Things are looking up for the economy!

Next week RMP Capital will be attending the IFA Factoring Conference in Washington, D.C. Once again RMP will be sponsoring the Opening Reception Cocktail Party! We will have an opportunity to speak with many people in the Factoring Industry to share ideas and to learn more about what they think is going on with small businesses and the future of the factoring business for 2011. If you are attending the Factoring Conference please stop by our booth or track me down at the Cocktail Party. I’ll buy you a drink and share with you RMP Capital’s programs for Small Factors. We have our Rediscounting Program and we are actively seeking out new partners for our Participation Program. In the meantime if you have any thoughts, comments, or ideas please get in touch. I hope to hear from you soon.

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