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So, it’s official, things are looking up.  After speaking with our business development officers this morning it became clear that business is picking up.  All four segments of our factoring business seem to be experiencing some real optimism on the part of potential business clients, OK, we’ll call it “cautious optimism” but it is far from the “doom and gloom” of last year. I’ll take is as very positive news.  We’ve booked a few deals this past month and the pipeline is really growing, I’ll let you know how it goes.

On another note, this “social networking” thing is really difficult to keep up with.  Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, our blog The Capital Update, and our RMP Capital web-site are all now inter-connected through the miracle of the internet and computers, thank God we have someone in the office that understands all this stuff.  If I had to rely on my computer skills I would still be sending out marketing pieces by snail mail.  I don’t know if all this connectivity is really working or not, but I do know (because I’m very old and wise) that if I didn’t do all this “connectivity stuff” I would feel really lousy about missing the boat.  I keep thinking about the CFO of a very large computer manufacturing company back in the early eighties who said that he didn’t see a need for everyone to have their own personal computer, well he’s gone and so is his company.  I’m not taking any chances, so I will continue with Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Blogging on The Capital Update and adding content to the RMP Capital web-site.  It just might be the right thing to do and just maybe “social networking” is the thing of the future.  We’ll see

As usual I welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas…JIM

James L. DiCamillo, Executive Vice President

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