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summertime at rmp capital

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Hi everyone, summer has definitely arrived here in the Northeast.  The temperatures have been climbing and today the weatherman is calling for 100 degrees.  The humidity is climbing as well, I heard this morning that the weather at Hobie Sound, Florida was cooler.  The 4th of July was great, I made it a four day weekend, I guess that everyone had the same idea as I couldn’t get anyone on the phone.  The lazy days of summer seem to be slowing down business a bit – vacations and family activities are making it difficult to get all of the parties together to complete a transaction.  It’s just another challenge to handle at this time.  The applications are still brisk but the bookings have been lagging.  This too shall pass. 

In the meantime and as always if you have any thoughts, comments or ideas for my blog it would be greatly appreciated.

James L. DiCamillo, Executive Vice President

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