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summertime blues

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Some days you just can earn a nickel…have you noticed that sometimes some people’s sense of urgency just doesn’t mesh with yours.  These past two weeks were just very difficult that way.  I can’t get my banker to move quickly regarding our line of credit increase; either on vacation or traveling on business, but definitely not on the phone with me.  Then there are the people who Called Me!  wanting to establish strategic partnerships that make a lot of sense, everything was Go! Go! until everything came to a complete Stop! Stop!  Again vacations and or traveling on business.  I am personally working on two reasonably large transactions where the potential clients need the money ASAP (shocking I know).  Now between the attorneys (on both sides) getting involved and  (you guessed it) the vacations and traveling on business excuses, things are just hobbling along.  I can’t wait for September to get here, if I can believe everyone or anyone the phones should be “ringing off the hook” (keep in mind that I’m old) on September 13th, after the kids go back to school.  We’ll see, I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime I’ll be traveling on business this week and then I’m going to take a few vacation days when I get back,  but I’ll definitely be back at my desk on September 13th! 

In the meantime I welcome your thoughts, comments or ideas.

James L. DiCamillo, Executive Vice President

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