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Trucking the Wild Ride

Posted by in General Information, Transportation Factoring

For the last several years the truckers have had quite a ride, not only on America’s interstates and highways, but with a variety of uncertain industry factors. Late in 2010, many speculated the most important issues facing the industry were high fuel prices, a low supply of drivers, NAFTA negotiations, and increased rail corridors moving freight. Halfway through 2011 many of the concerns still remain, not mention the daily volatility of an up and down market, the governments credit crisis, and many other concerns we have in our daily lives.

These times have been trying to say the least with almost 13% of the freight transportation providers in recent years disappearing. The one thing that shouldn’t surprise anyone is that the trucking industry is still viable and poised to survive and thrive in the future. Truckers have been forced to make tough decisions and be creative, to ride out the uncertain times.

Later this month the 2nd annual Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference will take place at the Dallas Convention Center, with more than 350 industry leaders from all segments of the trucking industry in attendance. They will be discussing industry trends and the outlook for the second half of the year and beyond.  It is not likely anyone will step up to the podium and announce a solution to every concern facing the industry. What is likely, that an industry full of hardworking, smart, and persistent truckers will continue to overcome all the obstacles in front of them in business, and on the road.

Chad Wulf, Vice President

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