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Welcome 2011!

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So this is the first official business day of 2011, it’s cold here on Long Island as should be expected this time of year, but the sun is shining brightly and I just can’t help feeling very optimistic about the business possibilities for this new year.  Last month we brought on two more contractors working on public works projects totaling over $750K and we are working on five others for this January.  Our rediscount line of credit offering is really picking up steam and I believe that RMP Capital will be able to help a number of small factors grow their portfolio this year.  There is no question in my mind that things a getting better out in the marketplace; our portfolio is growing organically through referrals and our clients are using a larger percentage of the lines that we have made available to them.  Another  indication that things are picking up is that our transportation clients are putting more trucks on the road and are expecting to bring on additional business in 2011.  Everyone I speak with feels that there will be decent growth this year.  Little by little people are getting back to work (some may be underemployed but at least they are working) and spending some of their money on much needed items.  It’s true that everyone is concerned about spending their dollar wisely, they’re all  looking to find the best value for their dollar and of course that’s good.  I feel that RMP Capital provides an exceptional value proposition to our clients.  We provide the capital that they need to help grow their company, we do it quickly, efficiently and professionally at a very competitive price.  Over the next few months I’ll let you all know how the year is shaping up for RMP Capital. 

In the meantime, as always, I welcome your thoughts, comments and ideas.

James L. DiCamillo, Executive Vice President

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