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What Makes RMP Capital Unique

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RMP Capital is not your average factoring company. With 70 years of combined experience in accounts receivable factoring and 150 years of business experience in the areas of finance, management, marketing and sales, our team is truly one of a kind. Let’s take a closer look at what sets RMP Capital apart:

What kind of cover are you looking for?

We’ll factor in most industries. Online some of our competitors, RMP Capital will factor in just about every industry, as long as there’s a business-to-business commercial invoice. However, we do not factor in the medical industry when insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid are involved.

Our process is fast. Businesses in need can begin factoring with RMP Capital in as little as a week. All we need are your necessary financial documents, and we’ll take care of the rest!

We realize the importance of relationships. At the heart of the unique offerings of RMP Capital is a relationship manager whose sole responsibility is to properly integrate and deliver financing and factoring services to the client. We consider this consultative and collaborative service to be the most important, value-added resource.

We’re happy to share our expertise. RMP Capital is in its 15th year of business, and we understand that the factoring industry can be a tough one to break into. That’s why we also provide services to other factoring companies from funding options to helping out with credit policies and operations.

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