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RMP Capital: Our Videos

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Finance in general can be a confusing topic for some, let alone factoring. That’s why RMP Capital has put together a series of animated videos! These short clips help explain who we are and what we do.

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Here’s an overview of our videos:

RMP Capital | Factoring For Your Business

“What is this factoring thing?” That’s the question that probably runs through a lot of business owners’ heads when first introduced to factoring. The idea may seem foreign and difficult to grasp. We’ve simplified the basics of factoring for you in this video!

RMP Capital Corp | Purchase Order Financing | 631.738.0047

Do you have an international purchase order, but not the capital to buy the goods necessary to fulfill it? With purchase order financing, we can advance the money needed so you can take on orders you weren’t previously able to. Purchase order financing allows small businesses to obtain financing based upon valid purchase orders from creditworthy customers. Watch our video to learn more.

RMP Capital | International Factoring | 631.738.0047

International factoring is available in over 70 countries, and can provide a great deal of help to small businesses, helping them obtain financing based upon valid purchase orders from creditworthy customers. Besides our ability to conduct business globally, our alliances with companies around the world help us to provide credit review of the customer invoice, make collections in the local language and currency, and perform these functions in the local time zone. Find out more in this video.

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