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RMP Excited About Partnership with Interlink

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RMP Capital Corp. Partners with Interlink Capital Strategies to Offer Cash Flow Solutions for U.S. Businesses Importing Goods from Overseas

Contact: Sophie Yun, 703-752-5880 Extension 153, syun@interlinkdc.com
Contact: James DiCamillo, 631-630-9278, jdicamillo@rmpcapital.com

WASHINGTON, D.C.—July 18, 2013, Interlink Capital Strategies (“Interlink”), a Washington D.C. based financial advisory firm, announced today that it has entered a strategic partnership with New York based RMP Capital Corp. (“RMP”) to provide reverse factoring services to help existing and new clients grow their businesses and solve their cash flow concerns.

Unlike traditional factoring, where a supplier finances its receivables, reverse factoring is a financing solution initiated by the ordering party (in this case a U.S.-based company) in order to help its suppliers finance their receivables more easily and at a lower interest rate than what would normally be offered in many emerging markets. This process benefits the buyer by purchasing on credit terms thereby improving cash flow. Likewise, the U.S. company’s suppliers benefit from improved cash flow, and no risk of non-payment/delays.

RMP’s services are not limited to reverse factoring: it also offers many different types of cash flow solutions; accounts receivable funding, contractor financing, rediscounting lines of credit, transportation financing, resource monitoring services, community bank program, consulting service to small and midsize factoring companies. Based on this new partnership, Interlink will augment its existing capability in offering export trade finance products and project finance support in frontier and emerging markets with the ability to provide import financing to U.S. companies and their overseas suppliers.

Donald Barrick, President of RMP commented that “Our new Strategic Alliance with Interlink brings our companies the ability to assist our clients with alternative financial solutions which will help them compete more effectively on a global basis. I am confident that our new relationship with Interlink will prove to be successful.”

Alan Beard from Interlink stated, “We are excited to expand our corporate capability to assist U.S. companies that are importing, particularly from emerging markets. We are looking forward to a productive relationship with RMP.”

About Interlink Capital Strategies

Founded in 1994, Interlink provides financial consulting services and business development support focused on frontier and emerging markets. Interlink has successfully arranged structured and project financing, trade finance, business development and marketing support in the billions of dollars using government lending programs (i.e., Export Credit Agencies and Development Finance Institutions) and technical assistance for transactions in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, former Soviet Union countries and Eastern Europe.
For more information please visit www.interlinkdc.com

About RMP Capital Corp.

Organized in 2000 and based on Long Island, NY is a national provider of factoring solutions for small to medium sized businesses, we also provide portfolio management services, and rediscounting lines of credit to independent factoring companies. In addition, RMP Capital Corp. provides factoring solutions for trucking companies, import/export factoring, public works contractors, as well as risk management services for contractors.

For more information please visit www.rmpcapital.com

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