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How to Motivate Small Business Employees

Posted by in Small Businesses

Your staff is one of your most valuable assets, no matter the industry. Keeping employees motivated, therefore, is key to business success. Follow these tips to boost productivity — even when money is tight.

1. Empower your staff

An employee who feels micromanaged and underutilized will lose interest fast. To motivate these types of individuals, give them more responsibility. Doing so will help your staff feel in-control, important, trusted and vital to your business’ success. In turn, your workforce will feel more motivated!

2. Build a fun work environment


If your office is a fun place to work, you’ll attract and retain more hardworking employees. After all, salary isn’t the only reason people choose to work for a company. We all want to feel happy, fulfilled and part of something exciting. Show your staff that you care about their well-being.

3. Offer inexpensive benefits

You may not be able to hand out raises or match 401(k) contributions, but it’s important that you provide some type of benefit to your employees. A few ideas include flexible work hours, telecommuting and free coffee. You’d be surprised by the difference these simple gestures can make.

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