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Factoring for Your Trucking Business

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RMP Capital’s Transportation Factoring Program puts you in the driver’s seat! Enjoy low rates, access to real-time online reports and even free credit reports on your customers. Below, we take a closer look at factoring for your trucking business:

Transportation factoring eliminates any cash flow problems and allows you to provide excellent freight transportation services to your customers. The advantage is that you get paid faster, allowing you to meet daily cash flow demands and increase profits.

Factoring for Your Trucking BusinessRMP Capital has factored freight invoices from businesses with just one truck to companies with a large fleet. Company size does not matter! Factoring your invoices with RMP Capital allows you to operate your company more efficiently.

Factoring for your trucking business is fairly simple. First, complete our quick application form. Once approved, we can advance you a large portion of your invoices. RMP Capital will bill the invoice and collect it.

In short, instead of waiting weeks or even months to be paid by a customer, RMP Capital makes sure you get paid immediately. This allows you to move on to your next load as soon as possible. Best of all, factoring for your trucking business does not involve a loan — so you don’t have to worry about creating debt.

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