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Top Fuel-Saving Tips for Truckers

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Here at RMP Capital, we work with businesses in a variety of industries. One concern many of our friends in the transportation industry have is fuel efficiency.

Top Fuel-Saving Tips for Truckers - RMP Capital

According to vehicle software platform Telogis, fuel costs account for approximately 30 percent of a fleet’s total operating costs. Fortunately, there are simple ways to conserve fuel and cut costs. Here some top tips:

  • Keep an eye on traffic. Knowing what lies ahead can help reduce gear changes, which eat up fuel.
  • Follow the speed limit. Speeding isn’t just dangerous — it also takes a toll on fuel economy.
  • Avoid idling when possible. Leaving your truck idling for just one hour wastes about a gallon of fuel.
  • Don’t overfill your gas tank. Filling it to the brim makes overflow more likely.
  • Check your tires regularly. Incorrect tire pressure hurts fuel economy and can even wear out your tires.
  • Opt for synthetic oil. It’s less likely to thicken at low temperatures, and therefore shouldn’t impact fuel consumption as much.
  • Turn the A/C off. It may not make a significant difference, but every little bit helps!

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