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Export Factoring

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In 2010 US companies exported $1.28 trillion in goods, according to a release by the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis.  For some companies, the process of exporting goods and services can be a daunting process.  From checking the creditworthiness of your customer to funding your operations while you wait for payment, the challenges are many.  For others, the ability to obtain bank financing to explore new product lines is limited or plainly non-existent.  RMP Capital’s Export Factoring product is designed to help small and medium sized businesses navigate the process from initial credit review to providing piece-of-mind all the way to payment.

Exporting goods is not only for large companies, there are many advantages to exporting your goods and services, the most obvious being increased sales. Also, companies who export their goods find that they are able to increase their competitiveness and supplement for seasonal shifts in their business by providing strong sales in previous slow periods.  If you are new to the process, Inc.com, the online portal for Inc. Magazine, has a great overview of the process and provides ideas on how to enter the global market place.

In addition to the ability to fund your export invoices, RMP Capital can also provide the same services on your domestic receivables. Since 2000, RMP Capital has been helping companies fund their operations, explore new product lines, and grow their business through our invoice factoring program.

If you are an exporter of goods and services, or if you would like to explore the opportunity, give me a call today and realize the benefits of factoring your invoices, both domestic and international, with RMP Capital.

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