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Big Win for Life’s WORC

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Even if you happen to watch the TV show “Celebrity Apprentice”, you may have missed the connection to RMP Capital. Geraldo Rivera is a contestant this season and he’s winning big for Life’s WORC, a Long Island Based organization that supports individuals with developmental disabilities inclusive of those on the autism spectrum. Here’s a clip from the show and the effect it’s having on Life’s WORC. 


donald_bwSo where’s the connection with RMP Capital? Well, President Donald Barrick, happens to be the Chairman of the Board for the organization and Geraldo has won more than $500,000 for Life’s WORC. It’s a very exciting time for Donald and the organization as they plan on expanding their space due to the level of success and continued ability to help people.

Everyone at RMP Capital is rooting for you, Geraldo!

If you’d like to donate to this great organization, click here.

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