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Advise your clients to use the frozen assets in their accounts receivable to free up cash in their business. When CPA’s partner with RMP Capital, your clients can speed up their cash flow in order to grow.

CPAs play important roles when it comes to offering financial advice to businesses. When your clients entrust you in making recommendations based on their financial statements and situations it can never hurt to have a few recommendations in mind. Businesses often face a hurdle when it comes to the correct funding needed to successfully run their companies. Those hurdles include:

  • Not being able to qualify for traditional lending
  • Current funding source can’t keep up with growth
  • Need to free up cash in order to run operation

By analyzing your client’s accounts receivable you can approximately see how much cash could be utilized through calculating the basics of factoring:

  • Typically 80-90% (advance rate) of face value of outstanding invoices
  • Receive remaining 10-20% rebated back to client upon payment of invoice
  • Factoring Fee is calculated by how many days invoice is outstanding
  • Fee is determined by credit worthiness of account debtors (ballpark 1-3%/month)

By Partnering with RMP Capital, you can help your clients utilize their accounts receivable through factoring and overcome the hurdles during their business cycles.

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