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Receivables Factoring

With RMP Capital Corp, you can unlock the potential of your receivables and turn them into cash today allowing you to pay vendors on time, take advantage of supplier discounts, or reallocate proceeds to fund new lines of business.

The RMP Capital Accounts Receivable Financing Program allows a business to use the power of cash by tapping into their Accounts Receivable, usually a frozen asset, and converting the Receivables to cash on a daily basis.  In this way, RMP Capital, an asset based lender, helps small and medium sized businesses grow to their full potential.  Businesses should get out of the banking business and enjoy self-liquidating financing with predictable cash flow to run their businesses more effectively.

  • Receive cash for eligible accounts receivable
  • Receive immediate cash for products sold or services rendered on a daily basis
  • Acquire a constant source of working capital to help a business fund growth
  • Fund new lines of products or services
  • Provide a source of capital at the same rate as sales growth, with predictable cash flow
  • Create supplier leverage, providing the ability to pay payables on time, obtain vendor discounts, and take advantage of cash buying opportunities
  • Replace a frozen asset (receivables) with a self-liquidating loan, giving the business a stronger financial outlook
  • Self-manage cash flow instead of allowing customers to dictate your cash flow by abusing credit terms
  • Reduce the daily stress associated with trying to meet cash flow needs and concentrate on the execution of profitable functions to grow a business

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